About us

Printing House Naumovski grounded its roots back in 1989 as a small offset printing company. Dedicated to manufacture the flawless product for its customers, our company has seen nothing but success. Provided that, we invested in equipment and machinery so we could achieve higher goals in our industry. Starting in 1998, we began printing calendars in various types and sizes. Not long after, as our quality and variety of calendars, notebooks and greeting cards grew, we become the most selling promotional products company in our country. Apart from that, as our skills and equipment progressed, we've been printing softcover books for the best publishing companies in the region.

International Fairs

In addition of staying up to date, our team is always visiting the best fairs in the region and Europe, like Drupa (Dusseldorf), Istanbul, Belgrade etc.

Machinery and equipment

  • Miller TP 74 (4 color offset machine)
  • Müller Martini bindery line
  • Adast maxima knife 82 format
  • Adast maxima knife 52 format
  • Three Knife Trimmer
  • Shoel folding machine
  • Polygaph
  • Bzohmer
  • Kodak
  • Plastification machine